Mechanical Contractors and Engineers   


Welcome to Hawk

Hawk is a broad base Mechanical contracting company, offering a complete range of Engineering, products services and emergency services, we are available—24/7.

Solutions for complex and time critical equipment and machinery challenges. Hawk is staffed by a range of engineering disciplines with extensive field service expertise, in providing integrated and economical solutions that encompass virtual all aspects of plant operation. Our mission is focused on delivering intelligent engineered products and services that extend the life of your capital investment, improve equipment and machinery reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. As Hawk continues to grow, new mechanical divisions are developed to better service specific markets, and speciality needs of clients. These divisions focus the expertise and resources on unique client’s needs and necessary skills to meet these needs. In 2010, Hawk developed a full service HVAC division to complement our mechanical contracting offerings and respond to client demands. The HVAC division has grown exponentially and now provides services for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We invite you to review our HAWK HVAC services division and contact our office with inquiries or to schedule a cost free estimate.

HVAC Engineered Services

1. Heating Systems    
2. Air Conditioners
3. Gas Furnaces
4. Humidifiers
5. Air Cleaners
6. Refrigerators
7. Rooftop Units/Furnaces
8. Sheet metal/Fabrication
9. Ventilation Systems
11.Indoor Quality
12.Pool Heaters
13.Heat Pumps
14.Process Piping
15.Control and Automation
18.Packaged Units
19.Duct Cleaning
20.Home Generators