CNC Machine Services

Hawk specializes in electrical, electronics, and mechanical repair, rebuild, retrofit and maintenance of CNC machine systems. This can include rewiring the entire system and installing pre-engineered PLC systems.

Hawk can also replace relay logic with PLC controllers to eliminate electrical failures. Each rebuild includes, as needed, inspection and repair of all conduit, control panel and legend plates. Hawk inspects your machine geometry using laser technology.
Hawk also specializes in turcite replacement on machine ways and hand scraping to restore proper alignment.

In addition to rebuilding the mechanical components, we run detailed inspections on the following systems:
electrical, mechanical, coolant, hydraulic, lubrication.

For CNC machines that are mechanically sound, but have defective or outdate control; retrofitting is an economical alternative to buying a new machine. A retrofit involves replacing the CNC control and all other components, including

wiring. A retrofit can save you a substantial amount of money, since it only costs about 30% of the price of a new machine. Retrofitting is done by Hawk with total client satisfaction so that no discrepancy or flaws are seen further. With today’s technology, there are many CNC controls from which to choose- from sophisticated controls that run other software, to controls that run a given machine’s operation. Hawk engineers and technician specialists will help you make the right choice. Because we know CNC machines, we can assure the right retrofit to achieve your specific goals. Don’t discard expensive CNC machines or parts. Hawk can restore worn or damaged CNC machines regardless of make, model, manufacturer or long lead time for onsite work. Equipment thought un-repairable or even scrapped can usually be returned to manufacturers’ specifications and tolerances. Our CNC field engineers and technicians have a combined 50 years of experience. Our CNC field staff are factory trained and provide routine and complex repairs, rebuilds, retrofit and maintenance, alignments, electrical, mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic services. We repair many types of machines. Instead of the brand and model of the machine we focus on the control that they are equipped with. That is what defines a machine, not necessarily the make and model. 

We can repair the following control systems (including the associated motor drives, power supplies, displays, etc.:
Hawk services all CNC including:

FANUC (including all sub models)

• Series 6
• Series 9
• Series 10, 11, 12
• Series 15
• Series 16, 18, 21
• Series 0


• All MELDAS systems


• All systems


• All older systems (normally found in Fadal Machines)


• All systems


• All systems


• All systems


• All systems

Now, these are just a few of the systems we see regularly. We encounter many new and one-of-a-kind repairs all the time and we have no problem completing them. We can repair pretty much any CNC machine and their components. This is because we do not base our repair tactics on simply replacing the components and giving it another try. We actually investigate the root cause of the problem down to the discrete components (resistor, microchip, etc.) and resolve the problem. This involves a lot of schematic drawing and actually understanding the functioning of the device rather than just putting a band-aid on the problem.


- Electronic and Electrical Field Repair and Troubleshooting
- Mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Field Repair and Troubleshooting
-Mechanical, CNC and/or Servo Drives and Spindle Drives Retrofitting and Upgrading
- CNC Machines ReEngineering
- PLC Programming and CNC Parameters Setup
- Spindles Repair (Bearings, Spindle Shafts Refurbishing, Spindle Taper Regrinding)
- Ball Screws, Linear Guides, Gibs, ATC (Automatic Tool Changer), Turrets, Tailstocks, CNC, Rotary Tables, Pallet Changers, Parts Catchers, Chucks, Power Chucks, Draw Bars, Power Draw Bars Repair, Installation and Setup
- Bar Feeders (Bar Feeds) and Bar Loaders Repair, Installation, CNC Interface Setup
- CNC, CNC Control Boards, CNC Circuit Boards (PCB), CNC Power Supplies Repair and Setup
- Servo Drives, Servo Motors, Spindle Drives, Spindle Inverters, Spindle Vector Drives, Spindle

Motors Repair, Installation and Setup

Encoders, Pulse Coders, Resolvers, Linear Scales, Tachometers (Tachogenerators, TACH, TACHO),

Repair, Installation and Setup.

- Hydraulic Systems and Units Repair, Installation and Setup
- Pneumatic Systems and Units Repair, Installation and Setup
- Lubrication Systems and Units, Lubricators Repair, Installation and Setup
- Coolant Systems and Units Repair, Installation and Setup
- Spindle Chillers, Spindle Oil Chillers, Spindle Coole

Division of Hawk Mechanical Engineering Services