Our Company- About Hawk

Hawk is a full service mechanical engineering firm ,providing specialized machinery repair, restoration and engineering solutions for manufacturers facing the impact of the economic crisis. Our on-site team of skilled and industry experienced technicians, tradesman and engineers understand the needs of manufacturers and provide value-added and customized solutions. Hawk takes on the toughest challenges in solving mechanical machinery repair breakdowns.

The type and range of machine that can be repaired by Hawk is only constrained by the severity of the damage. Our engineers will inspect your machinery damage and submit a bid answering the question repair versus replacement costs. Manufacturers have discovered that repairing or restoring machines is a very cost effective solution.

We guarantee that all work performed onsite by Hawk will adheres to all applicable codes, standard's and manufacturers warranties.

At Hawk, we are committed to excellence in all that we do.

Why Choose Hawk 

We strive to provide quality services and superior workmanship that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Hawk achieves this through:

- Our vast experience of the manufacturing industry allows us to understand customer needs, and provide rapid response and customized solutions.

- Our multi-skilled technicians, tradesmen and engineer, have a combined total of over 80 years of industry experience in : Machinery repair, restoration, installation, rebuilt, retrofit, refurbish, relocation, maintenance and engineering.

- Hawk has the capability to customize a machinery repair or maintenance plan to comply with our customers budgets, schedules and operational procedures. Our unique approach allows manufacturers to choose the degree of services required to operate your business at maximum capacity. Machinery downtime, missed business opportunities and compliance nightmares can severely affect business success. Hawk will partner with your company to protect and improve the life of your plant machinery and equipment so you can focus on out performing the competition.